A Blank Canvas: Decorating your child’s room on a budget

image1 (1)You’ve seen them. In magazines and on reality tv shows are the most gorgeous nurserys and bedrooms for kids. Everything matches and is colour coordinated, the chandelier in the middle of the room creates the perfect ambiance, there is an abundance of storage tastefully hidden inside the most beautiful set of closet doors and the most luxurious bedding sets the stage for the most comfortable night’s rest.

Enter reality.

Don’t get me wrong. There are so many moms out there who can make magic with their children’s bedrooms, and serious kudos to them. I am jealous because I am not one of them.

When I was pregnant with my first I OBSESSED about every detail that went into decorating her room. I avoided displaying certain toys because they didn’t match the decor and I must have changed the layout of the room around 100 times before I felt the room had the perfect flow.

Once the infant moments were over and the toddler years hit, I began to incorporate more and more of my daughter’s personality and ‘likes’ into her bedroom.

Here is a list of budget-friendly, DIY ideas to decorate your child’s room or a play room.

1.  Finger paint. One way to remember an afternoon of fun with your wee one is by picking up a canvas or two from the dollar store, and having a blast with some finger paints. Choose colours that work with the room and the rest is totally up to the imagination.

2. Wall decals. These are the coolest! Just peel, stick and voila! You can make any room stand out with minimal effort and the best part- they’re not permanent. Such a great idea if you’re renting or nervous to commit to a specific look.

3. Quote signs. When it comes to quotes, I’m a total sucker. I love inspirational and motivational quotes on items but I have a hard time spending the hefty price that usually accompanies them. My solution is to use some spare wood or even pick up a cheap canvas, some paint, and paint brushes and create your own. Don’t dwell on the fact that ‘you’re not crafty’ or ‘there’s no way I could do that’. Try something new and give it a go. You may surprise yourself. A little bit of time and next to nothing in cost, you can create your own customized quote boards ready to inspire.

4. Photo frames. As mentioned in some of my previous posts, I’m a second-hand store addict and LOVE to shop for old picture frames. Spray paint or regular paint can give an old frame new life. It’s also never been easier (or cheaper) to print photos. Print your favorite pictures of you and your babe, frame them, and hang.

However you choose to decorate your little one’s space, make sure to have fun with it. At least once a day, Memphis points to one of her ‘originals’ and the look of pride and happiness on her face, knowing that she made something so pretty that mommy hung it up, is the greatest!!

Much love mommas







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