My Soap Obsession


Oh soap! I am obsessed with making soap. I am constantly thinking of new recipes to try and different mixtures of oils to use. I research relentlessly on the benefits of different types of oils, essential oils, and herbs. There is something so satisfying about watching the oils melt together and watching your ideas come to life. I LOVE crafting SOAP.

How did I get into this? This is a common question I am asked whenever I share my creations with others. Pre-baby, I never would have even thought about making soap. Why make it when you can buy it in a million different sizes, shapes, colours, and scents? For me, my call to the craft was after my daughter was born.

As a new parent, you obsess about EVERYTHING. I mean it, EVERYTHING. Even if you don’t think you will- you will. I had her room perfectly decorated and fully stocked with clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets, toys, and baby products. I was ready! That was until we began to notice little red bumps and dry patches on her skin. Like every first-time parent, we caught our breath from a near panic attack and called the doctor. Sure enough, our baby girl had eczema.

“Avoid everything with scents.” Easier said than done. Take a look in the baby isle. Every baby lotion and body wash contains some type of scent, not to mention a list of ingredients a mile long with a ton of big words that I would never be able to pronounce. We spent so much time and money looking for a soap that was unscented, natural and something that would not be harsh on her skin. We came up empty handed. Unscented meant lots of unknown ingredients and I wasn’t cool with that.

Enter soap making. I was scrolling through the internet one day and came across a local company that makes soaps in Hamilton. I emailed the owner and she told me of an upcoming class she was hosting at a local wellness center. Once I had the tools and the know-how, there was no stopping me. I have created several different types of soaps using different oils, scents, and herbs and have made one specifically for my daughter which works wonders on her skin. I love that I can make something, using natural ingredients, which my family and I can use and I am not afraid about what chemicals or hidden scents are lingering in the finished product.

With this in mind, I created Edna Mae’s Homemades so other people can find a product they are comfortable using on their family’s skin.

Have a beautiful day,


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